FAQ - Q44

What are the differences between Q44 and Q48?

Different main body materials and processes for the stands:
- Q48 uses aluminum alloy as the main body, crafted through CNC technology, providing an excellent texture with a complex manufacturing process.
- Q44 has a plastic main body produced through mold injection.

Can it work when the phone is wearing a case?

Yes, it can work perfectly if your phone case is relatively thin or MagSafe-compatible. However, if your phone case is not MagSafe-compatible or is thick, it will weaken the magnetic attraction and reduce the charging efficiency.

Which phones is it compatible with?

LUUQI's charger is compatible with all phones that support wireless charging. For specific details, please refer to the following table.

Phone Model Wireless
iPhone 15 Series 🟢 🟢
iPhone 14 Series 🟢 🟢
iPhone 13 Series 🟢 🟢
iPhone 12 Series 🟢 🟢
iPhone 11 Series 🟢 🔴
iPhone X Series 🟢 🔴
iPhone 8 Series 🟢 🔴
iPhone 7 Series 🔴 🔴