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LUUQI Q48 Foldable Magnetic Wireless 3-In-1 Charger

LUUQI Q48 Foldable Magnetic Wireless 3-In-1 Charger

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We offer Free standard shipping for all orders. Due to the high demand for our products, the estimated delivery time for all our items, including the, LUUQI™ Foldable Magnetic Wireless 3-In-1 Charger is now 7 to 12 business days.

We are dedicated to fulfilling all orders as swiftly and efficiently as possible. However, to manage this increased demand, we have temporarily suspended our 2-day FedEx Express Shipping option.

We appreciate your understanding and patience during these busy times. Thank you for choosing Luuqi™.

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We love our LUUQI products and are confident you will too! That's why we're offering a 90-Day, Risk-Free Trial. If you're not in love with your results,  we'll give you a refund.


What are the differences between Q44 and Q48?

Different main body materials and processes for the stands:
- Q48 uses aluminum alloy as the main body, crafted through CNC technology, providing an excellent texture with a complex manufacturing process.
- Q44 has a plastic main body produced through mold injection.

Can it work when the phone is wearing a case?

Yes, it can work perfectly if your phone case is relatively thin or MagSafe-compatible. However, if your phone case is not MagSafe-compatible or is thick, it will weaken the magnetic attraction and reduce the charging efficiency.

Which phones is it compatible with?

LUUQI's charger is compatible with all phones that support wireless charging. For specific details, please refer to the following table.

Phone Model Wireless
iPhone 15 Series 🟢 🟢
iPhone 14 Series 🟢 🟢
iPhone 13 Series 🟢 🟢
iPhone 12 Series 🟢 🟢
iPhone 11 Series 🟢 🔴
iPhone X Series 🟢 🔴
iPhone 8 Series 🟢 🔴
iPhone 7 Series 🔴 🔴

What's inside?

  • LUUQI™ Foldable Magnetic Wireless 3-In-1 Charger
  • Eco-friendly packaging

Please Note:
LUUQI™ Foldable Magnetic Wireless 3-In-1 Charger you receive, regardless of packaging or logo presence, maintains the same high-quality standards. Differences in branding are due to high demand but rest assured, they do not impact the functionality and features of the projector.


* Wireless charging Standard: fast charging

* Support Charging power: 5W/7.5W/10W/30W (30W max will be faster than others)

*Transmission Range: 5-8 mm

*Wireless Power Conversion Rate: ≥80

*Interface: USB Type C

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Transform your charging experience with a sleek, foldable design that powers up your life on-the-go.

Supports iOS 17 StandBy mode

During wireless charging, rotate your iPhone into landscape mode, and
the phone will enter Standby mode. This not only serves as a wireless
charging stand but also doubles as a work of art.

Aluminum Alloy With CNC Machining

The LUUQI 3 in 1 is crafted using aluminum alloy with CNC machining.

It undergoes meticulous processes such as sandblasting, oxidation and intricate assembly procedures.

We strive for perfection in every step of the way.

5W Wireless Fast Charger for Apple Watch

Charging your Apple Watch from 0 to 100% now takes approximately 2 hours, eliminating the need for lengthy waiting times.

Please note that fast charging is supported for Apple Watches with the following models: S9/Ultra 2/Ultra/S8/S7.

Powerful Magnetic Attraction

LUUQI 3 in 1 equipped with 8 built-inmulti-pole neodymium magnets,providing a magnetic attractionof over 800g

Compatible with the entire iPhone 12 to iPhone 15 series.

Customer Reviews

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Barbara Tillman

LUUQI Q48 Foldable Magnetic Wireless 3-In-1 Charger

Charlotte Hirthe

Phenomenal, it is beautiful is very good load of excellent quality and armed. The only thing that is strange is the smell that it has that is like glue or something like that, but from then on everything very well

Bria Rohan

Very good product, robust, solid, and the load is fast.

Shanie Orn

Amazing presentation and very happy material

Eulalia Satterfield

Does not work, first flashed the red and blue indication, then began to beep, smelled burnt and now shows no signs of life